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More snow

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As promised, the last two days were spent cooped up at the house, with Baltimore practically shut down from the snow. The NIA was closed, all deliveries were postponed, and when we went to stock up on food before the snow hit, the supermarket was aready running out of goods. Even our internet was unstable. I submit for your perusal:


The US of A runs by car. There are no bike paths in places like Baltimore, and no trains or subways either. There are buses, which run irregularly and usually aren’t in the best condition. That’s pretty typical for a bigger city, and in  other places conditions are at least as likely to be worse (no sidewalks even) as to be better.

So you drive. I’m sure I’ll get back to the subject of cars, but this should suffice to illustrate how the following scenario could be… problematic, for a place like Baltimore:

Start diggin'

All in all, it wasn’t too bad. I did a bunch of preparatory research, and we played a lot of LAN games and tinkered with the aquarium. Today the snow is starting to melt and the NIA is open again. So as soon as FedEx arrives with my package, I’m off to work.


Written by Martin

2010/02/12 at 11:03

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  1. Man oh man you got snow!!!!!
    And it still looks white ours is totally blackened
    Wow that was fast for the laptop!


    2010/02/12 at 15:02

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