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Experiences in Baltimore, MD

Day 1

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Greyhound was up and running yesterday, so an uneventful 3.5 hour bus ride took me to Baltimore (finally). The city is still partially paralyzed from the snow storm, though. So there weren’t any taxis when I arrived, the National Institute of Aging was closed (my flatmates were both there anyway), and we were lucky to find a taxi to go home. It’s not that there’s THAT much snow, maybe 50 cm, but it’s all over and there’s nowhere to put it. Which means that cars get buried and piles get in the way. (I’ll post some pictures when I get my computer).

They’re promising another 25 cm or more today, so the NIA should be closed tomorrow and Thursday as well. Snowed in with no computer and just one book, good thing I have flatmates. I’ll probably see if I can do some shopping and make a big ol’ pot of chili con carne.

Day 1 in Baltimore, too much snow for the NIA


Written by Martin

2010/02/09 at 11:28

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