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At some point in their teens most people discover that, important as these subjects may be to you, other people are generally not interested in hearing about your limerence, brilliant mind or frequency of masturbation.

It turns out that some things are better left unsaid, even if you don’t have anything more interesting to say. Unless you’ve given them an independent reason to, people just don’t care about you. You might be a beautiful and unique snowflake, but in a snowstorm nobody will notice. This would appear to be the bane of personal blogging, and depending on your aspirations, it might be. And yet this post heralds the birth of yet another personal blog; so why am I bothering?

Because of the Middle Path. In the spirit of Siddhārtha Gautama, the fact that one extreme is absurd doesn’t mean that its opposite is the way to go. The masses will not flock to my blog and hail me as their messiah, but the people that know me will be able to keep track of my doings. So enough of the reflective introduction, and on to the matter at hand.

I was supposed to arrive in Baltimore on the eve of Super Bowl XLIV, for a 9-month period of work for my Ph.D. starting tomorrow morning. Alas, due to a snowstorm in the area, all the buses and trains to Baltimore were canceled, and I’m stuck in New York City. Certainly there are worse places to be stranded, and bus service should be resumed tomorrow. So for now, here’s a picture of New York on the other side of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

NYC - Upper West Side


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2010/02/08 at 02:59

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